Free Social Security & Veterans Disability Case Evaluation

Travis Miller Attorney at Law PLLC handles our clients’ Social Security and veterans disability claims from beginning to end in Wetzel County, West Virginia. We are a full service law firm that limits our case load to ensure that each client receives the personal attention necessary to build the strongest possible case. Our intense, dedicated focus is the main reason we are able to deliver exceptional results on a consistent basis. In addition, Attorney Travis Miller is an attorney accredited by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and has been Chairman of the West Virginia State Bar Social Security Committee since 1999. You will owe no legal fees until your benefits are awarded. For a free case evaluation, call our law firm at: (304) 842-8383.

New Martinsville, WV Social Security Disability Lawyer

Most of our clients in New Martinsville, WV, have worked hard all of their lives. Jobs involving extreme heavy manual labor are highly likely to eventually cause workers to become too injured or ill to continue working to full retirement age. If your job in the mining, construction, or oil and gas field has left you unable to work and support yourself and your family, there is hope. You may be entitled to receive disability benefits available through the Social Security Disability program.

If you have already submitted your application and are experiencing difficulty winning approval of your benefits, contact Attorney Travis Miller right away. He is intimately familiar with how the process works and has successfully assisted thousands of disabled individuals file their initial claims, as well as appeals, for disability benefits through the Social Security system. Travis Miller is a lifelong resident of West Virginia and his heart is with the people and the local area. He represents you, not the government or any other bureaucracy or corporate entity.

Wetzel County, WV Veterans Disability Lawyer

If you are a disabled military veteran living in the Wetzel County, WV area and are experiencing difficulty claiming the veterans disability benefits that you deserve, contact Attorney Travis Miller. Whether you are being treated unfairly or your claim has been denied, our law firm is here to assist you. An unsatisfactory response or denial does not have to be the final conclusion. Our dedicated team will stand up for your rights and represent your legal rights throughout the appeals process. We will assist you with filing your Notice of Disagreement, will attend your Decision Review Office (DRO) hearing, and file a VA Form 9 appeal, as necessary. We are here to serve those who have served us. Travis Miller Attorney at Law has successfully secured disability benefits for thousands of eligible local veterans.

Travis Miller Attorney at Law PLLC does not collect legal fees until we win disability benefits on your behalf. Contact our law firm to request your free case evaluation: (304) 842-8383. Call toll-free: (855) 828-8383.